by Exxxtra Crispy

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i’m so sick & tired of dealing with my feelings you think that you know everything but you’re just talking we do not care we really really not about that fuck shit they don’t understand i’m exhausted disillusioned, desperate & faded isolated, cold & jaded so hungover & so frustrated positivity is overrated aggravated, complicated drinkin late until 3am shit where’s my glasses, tired faces i can’t be in public spaces every drug i take doesn’t last long enough every check i get doesn’t pay for much when i wake up tomorrow imma do it again i don’t care if i lose every one of my friends fuck with me once i’ll cut you off with no warning when you wake up tomorrow i’ll be gone in the morning
got pills, cocaine & weed chocolate jesus provides what you need no sticks, no stems, no seeds i’m your savior, do you believe hold up! we can do another line if you want to but you never saw me here if anybody asks you bad motherfucker & i’m on grand avenue if you wanna meet bring cash cuz i’m makin moves got a couple vices if you got a couple dolllars you might need a couple hours you might need a cup of water whatever you like baby i got it whatever you need baby i got it whatever you love baby i got it i’m chocolate jesus baby i got it tell me baby do you have an addiction? chocolate jesus can be your prescription it really don’t matter what your affliction honey i can scratch what you’re itching i got another blunt in my backpack give me fifteen minutes i’ll be out back we can pull up to the spot i’ll pick up the tab make the drop & it’s back to the lab
i never quit this rap shit but scue me im just backing in it’s getting crispy as fuck and expensive it’s kinda risky, the muck, where we swimin’ i’m in the deep end with my breathern i hope this never ends yo mans is entamens yo what’s yo name again? oh, i don’t give a damn fuck a wall, i gotta build a damn hastag tvlife get wit da program another girl left guess she didn’t have the patience need a new lil mama so i’m taking applications yea i got no money everybody still love me my nose so runny & my flow so ugly i do not sleep smoke too much weed molly & wine i’m the new lil peep dallas is dirty i’m bombing these streets fuck what you heard you can’t keep up with me steal everything not concerned about cost do not feel bad i am lost in the sauce i got a fifth of Amsterdam & i just popped the top with a tall can in the other hand so i can chase the shot the room has started spinning & it’s getting hard to walk i can’t find my inhibitions cuz i lost them in the sauce i been sippin sippin sippin i been gettin high & trippin every night i get knocked out like I got hit by Sonny Liston all my friends say i should slow it down but i don’t wanna listen i just drown my problems all alone while in a prone position fuck a prohibition i’m a pro at mixing home prescriptions getting lifted while i’m skipping all my duties & decisions moving smoothly over obstacles when this life gives you lemons you just float above the grove so u can’t see them in the distance burning gas just like an engine & i’m rolling with no wheels all these chemicals & potions are controlling how i feel i just manifest emotions although none of it is real i pray to D - R - U - G - S the only god for whom i kneel
they got me blacked out in a vegas suburb face down sleeping in a gutter in a dirty red floral dress & i’m lookin like a hot mess woke up two cops in my face can’t remember how i got in this place now i gotta walk home i’m all alone & i got no phone & no coke so many problems & i don’t wanna solve them i don’t know what to do now my dumbass took acid for breakfast even though i knew it was reckless now i’m trying to eat a burger end up vomiting down by the river calling you & you’re with your parents & you’re starting to get embarrassed baby please stop cryin i’m not lyin had to call cuz i think i’m dyin never making apologies that is for everyone but me


Deranged beyond the max, Exxxtra Crispy is back with "Endlessly Devastating"! The band is all in on their sophomore release with balls to the wall lyricism, gut-punching rhythms and ear shredding melodies! Strap up and strap in for this soundtrack to despair you lucky SOB!


released January 27, 2018

All Songs Written By Exxxtra Crispy
Produced By Bryan Preston for TVLiFE Entertainment

Dirty Dalla$ - Vocals, Sax, Guitar and Bass
Bryan Preston - Bass, Guitar, Drums and Vocals
The Aquatic Hitchhiker - Guitar and Vocals
Swish Buckets - Trombone, Vocals, Aux Percussion
Jean Scone - Trumpet
Daviid Quiick - Drums

Special thanks to Danny Torgersen (Vocals + Trumpet on track 6)


all rights reserved



Exxxtra Crispy Tempe, Arizona

Totally danceable minimalist-pop-power-funk/punk

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